City of Madison flood update

From City of Madison: 

We received less than one inch of rain last night and waters on some area streets are receding.  As a result:

We have RE-OPENED the following streets this morning:

•             Inbound E Washington (from N. Brearly to N Livingston) – all lanes are now open inbound

•             Outbound E Washington (near S. Blount St) – all lanes are now open outbound

•             N First St between E Washington and Johnson – 2 lanes open northbound and 2 lanes open     southbound

•             E. Main St is open between S. Dickinson St and Northern Court

•             N. Livingston will be open later this morning from E Washington Ave north to E Dayton Street

The following remain CLOSED at this time:

•             E. Johnson St closed from N. First St to N. Baldwin St

•             E. Main St between Northern Court to and past the river

•             Marston Ave between E Johnson St & Sherman Ave (this is where the sand pile is located)

•             700 and 800 blocks of E Mifflin St (between Blount St and Paterson St)

It is important to note, this event is NOT over, and additional rain could still cause flash flooding.  City staff will continue to monitor water levels and open and close roads accordingly.

 City staff and volunteers are leafletting over 1,000 additional homes in the Starkweather Creek area letting property owners know their property is in a vulnerable area if we receive additional rain.  Maps of all areas and of street closures can be found at

We have received reports of people walking, swimming and kayaking in flood waters.  The water is not safe for many reasons and people should stay out of it.


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