Part of John Nolen Dr. to be shut down Wed. and Thurs

UPDATE 3:45 P.M. Monday 

MADISON:  City of Madison crews will be working on the shoreline of Lake Monona Wednesday through Friday because of flooding erosion.

One of the inbound lanes of John Nolen Drive will be closed during non-peak hours, 9:00-3:00 p.m. on those days, according to Katie Crawley of the Mayors office.

Crews will be installing rocks, known as rip-rap, to stabilize the shoreline and will need to stage equipment in the lane closest to the lake, which means the ion-bound right lane will be affected.

Crews will work to maintain a portion of the bike path for pedestrians and bikes, but bicyclists will be asked to walk their bikes.

City staff will continue to update residents on flooding effects throughout the prolonged event.

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UPDATE 1:40 p.m. Monday

MONONA: For the first time since last Wednesday, volunteers are not needed to sandbag in Monona today. A stockpile of approximately 700 full sandbags, as well as additional sand and bags, are available at Oneida Park for any residents who still need to sandbag their properties or fortify their sandbag walls.

All residents of low-lying shoreline properties should take proactive measures if their properties are or will be affected. A map of affected properties can be viewed on the front page of


MADISON (WKOW) -- With more rain in the forecast, water levels on Lake Monona are expected to rise even more by Tuesday. As a result, officials expect certain parts of the city to be impacted even more. Those neighborhoods include Brittingham Bay, Monona Bay and now the Sherman Avenue area. 

Updated maps show new risk areas for flash flooding during an intense rainstorm. Approximately 1,200 homes have been added to the flash flood risk areas. Flyers will be distributed to these homes on Monday, Aug. 27.

From Monday night to Tuesday night, additional rain is expected, though Central Wisconsin will see more rain than Madison and Dane County. Channel 27 Meteorologist Guy Brown says we'll get some relief Wednesday and Thursday. 

As of Sunday morning, Madison officials say Lake Mendota has dropped about an inch.  The Yahara River at East Main Street fell one and a half inches due to reduction in flow. Remaining lakes saw a .75-inch rise. 

Tap through for a closer look at Monona properties in the floodplain that may be affected and here for a map of flooding citywide. 

Also, a new flood risk map has been posted showing anticipated levels if the lake reaches 850 feet.   

  • Blue: Areas that may experience flooding due to rising lake levels and/or flash flooding during rainstorms
  • Purple Lines: Streets that could experience flash flooding during rainstorms
  • Officials said flooding may also happen in other low-lying areas.       

At a news conference Sunday, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said more flood preparations must continue.

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