Dane County flood damage estimate surpasses $150 million

Dane County has suffered nearly $150 million in damage caused by flooding that began Aug. 17, but only 2 percent of the business and residential losses were insured.

According to a report released Wednesday by Dane County Emergency Management, the damage estimate is broken down into three areas; residential, private sector businesses, and public sector (local and county).  The estimate also includes the public sector’s expenses responding to flooding conditions.

Residential damage estimates include:

5 residences destroyed, 302 with major damage, 857 with minor damage, and 380 affected by flooding (1,544 total residences).

The estimated dollar amount of damages is $78,287.645 with citizens reporting only 2 percent of those damages insured.

Business damage estimates include:

17 businesses suffering major damage, 27 with minor damage, and 63 affected by flooding (107 total businesses).

The estimated dollar amount of business damages is $37,114,219 with businesses reporting only 2% of those damages insured.

Some businesses are still suffering ongoing losses because of the floods.

County and local government damage and expenditure estimates include:

$2,278,271 for clearing debris.

$949,527 for protective measures (emergency response, sandbagging operations, etc.)

$6,961,268 for emergency response and repairs to roadways.

$4,935,578 for water control infrastructure (e.g. culverts, water diverting infrastructure).

$8,083,341 of loss and expense to public buildings and equipment.

$10,246,400 of loss and expense to public utilities.

$5,636,849 of damage to parks, recreational facilities, and any other uncategorized loss.

Public Sector damage total = $39,091,234

“Dane County residents saw historic damage from the flooding,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. “Dane County will continue to work to help residents get the resources they need to recover from this event.”

Dane County Emergency Management Director Charles A. Tubbs, Sr. said “It is important that we recognize the herculean effort of local, county, and state workers, volunteers, and engaged citizens who were part of our community-wide response.  Their work started our recovery process.”

Residences and business across Dane County continue to be affected by the severe storms and flooding.  There are several community based efforts to help victims:

For more go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/39030812/2018/09/05/dane-county-flood-damage-estimate-hits-150-million

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