Judge imposes $1,000 cash bond on step dad in Nerf dart case

The stepdad accused of shooting children with needle-tipped Nerf darts was ordered held on $1,000 cash bond today in Columbia County Court.

Brian Alexander, 33, faces three felony counts of child abuse-recklessly causing harm after investigators say he shot Nerf darts with sharp needles sticking out of them at his step kids.

Alexander at first denied shooting the kids, telling investigators that the children had learned about the darts with needles on a YouTube video, according to the criminal complaint.

When told that the children had reported being shot with the darts, Alexander said he "may have done it once," according to the complaint.

Later, when told that some of the children had marks consistent with being show with the needle darts, Alexander said he shot one of the children by accident, according to the complaint.

An investigation done by the sheriff's office and Columbia County Health and Human Services revealed this behavior has been happening for a while. 

The children involved ranged in age from 6 to 9-years-old.

For more go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/39062104/2018/09/10/judge-imposes-1000-cash-bond-on-step-dad-in-nerf-dart-case

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