Madison robberies spike 72 percent in August

MADISON (WKOW)  -- Robberies in Madison spiked 72 in August compared to August a year ago, according to a blog post from Madison Police Chief Mike Koval.   

There were 31 robberies in August, compared to 18 that occurred in August of last year. 

In the first eight months of 2018,  there were 168 reports of robberies, according to Koval. 

The Madison average over the past five years has been 149.5 robberies during this same, eight month timeframe, a 12 percent increase this year. 

A large chunk of these robberies, 36, took place between 9 p.m.-2 a.m.  with many hold-ups taking place on Mondays and Fridays, according to Koval. 

Below is the list where these incidents took place during August,  per district

  • West: 1
  • Midtown: 3
  • South: 4
  • Central: 4
  • North: 9
  • East: 10

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