Disaster committee allocates donations

 Sun Prairie's Disaster Relief Committee met Monday to authorize the release of the remaining donations to assist with the recovery from the July 10 gas main explosion.

The total donations received in the fund exceeded $500,000, with some of the funds disbursed immediately after the explosion to displaced residents for emergency housing and basic needs.

Approximately 47 displaced families who applied for aid will be working with Sunshine Place to acquire replacement clothes, appliances and furniture, according to Sun Prairie City Administrator Aaron Oppenheimer.

Allocations at Monday's meeting included $220,000 to assist those residents and any employees who had been displaced from their residences or places of employment, $148,000 to affected businesses and property owners in the downtown and $141,000 in funding to emergency first responders.

Displaced residents and workers submitted applications detailing their losses due to the incident. Applicants received assistance for temporary and long-term housing, lost wages, furniture and household items, according to a news release.

The Disaster Relief Committee collaborated with the United Way of Dane County and The Sunshine Place to review the applications and provide recommendations for funding.

Businesses and property owners submitted applications detailing the losses suffered as a result of their business being closed, lost inventory, damage to the buildings, etc. 

The Disaster Relief Fund will remain open at the Bank of Sun Prairie until the end of the year to receive donations and to make disbursements to first responders. The Disaster Relief Committee expresses their appreciation to all those who donated funding to those impacted by this tragic incident. The outpouring of support, generosity and acts of kindness has been amazing. A special thanks to the United Way for their support at no cost to the fund.

For more go to WKOW: http://www.wkow.com/story/39068985/2018/09/11/disaster-committee-allocates-donations-to-those-displaced-in-sun-prairie-explosion

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