WTS Paradigm employees escorted to get belongings

 About 24 hours after the shooting at a technology company in Middleton, employees were allowed to retrieve their belongings after many fled from the scene when shots were fired.

Those who work at WTS Paradigm were escorted by Middleton Police who were the only ones allowed inside the building because it’s still an ongoing investigation and active crime scene.

It was a surreal situation as many said they were scared to be back where it all happened. Dozens met at the Residence Inn, near WTS Paradigm, and after employees were interviewed by officers they were able to get their items like cars, purses, keys and cell phones.

Two employees who work nearby at CapSpecialty still took their daily walk during lunch but said it was a different, somber environment.

“It’s still a lot to process and you think to yourself, okay what would happen if it was even closer,” said David Kapanke an employee at CapSpecialty.

Most employees were embracing in hugs and others crying, all just trying to cope with an unfortunate situation.

“We’re working through it right now and thinking how to just continue living without giving up anything,” said Kapanke.

Click here for information and resources for people impacted by the shooting.

For more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/top-stories/2018/09/20/middleton-shooting-wts-paradigm-employees-escorted-to-get-belongings/

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