I.C.E. raid takes Madison police, mayor’s office by surprise

 Police and the mayor’s office were taken by surprise today when agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were in Madison and arrested about six undocumented immigrants.

During a Friday afternoon news conference, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said that his office was not notified of the enforcement action ahead of time.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said this was a departure from how things have been handled in the past.

“Ours is a community of inclusiveness,” Koval said. “We will never be a party to civil deportation proceedings.”

Koval said he met with I.C.E. officials more than four years ago and agreed they would notify the police department of any impending action. That’s how it has operated for the past 4-1/2 years.

Families of those taken into custody can call 608-242-6260 for information, said Karen Menendez Coller, executive director of Centro Hispano.

I.C.E. apparently notified Dane County dispatch, however Koval said the information didn’t make it to Madison police.

Soglin said I.C.E. told them they detained the people for serious violations, however he said officials haven’t been notified of the nature of the charges.

For more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/political/2018/09/21/i-c-e-raid-takes-madison-police-mayors-office-by-surprise/

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