Democratic candidates “road trip” mocks Walkers plane use

MADISON (WKOW) — Democratic candidates Tony Evers and his running mate Mandela Barnes mocked Gov. Scott Walker’s use of a state airplane by driving the same route and streaming it on Facebook Live.

Evers and Barnes streamed the car ride from Appleton to Green Bay, the same 24-mile distance that Walker traveled by airplane.

Walker’s use of the state plane has been criticized by Democrats since a liberal advocacy group, One Wisconsin Now, released reports revealing what they called his “misuse” of the state plane.

Their findings show since September 2015, Walker took 869 flights totaling 114,000 miles. Eight of those were under 40 miles. One of those trips was the butt of a joke between Evers and Barnes as they drove from Appleton to Green Bay.

“We’re showing the state of Wisconsin that you can actually go from Appleton to Green Bay cheaper by car and it’s a lot more pleasant than what Scott Walker did,” said Ever’s behind the driver’s seat.

The flights weren’t the only things both Democrats chatted about. They also took the opportunity to take jabs at the poor road conditions. One group has made their own campaign poking fun calling potholes “Scott Holes” blaming bad road conditions from lack of attention from the governor.

“We have to watch out for the Scott Holes, they’re everywhere — look there’s one right there,” said Evers.

Communication’s Director from The Republican Party of Wisconsin criticized the candidate’s road trip.

“What’s clear from this joyride is that Tony Evers lacks the leadership to be upfront with voters about his plans to increase spending and taxes — including hiking gas taxes by as much as $1 a gallon,” said Alec Zimmerman from Republican Party.

Evers has said he’s “open” to options on how to raise money to fix crumbling roads in the state but never agreed to a 1$ gas tax increase.

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