Famous “L” flag unfurled again after Cubs “L”oss to the Brewers

DeFOREST (WKOW) — The fans who flew the now-famous “L” flag in early September following a Brewers win over the Cubs at Miller Park have unfurled it one more time.

The Ryan family proudly displayed the flag again Tuesday on their front lawn in DeForest following the Brewers division tie-breaking win Monday at Wrigley Field.

Cubs fans famously fly the “W” after a win, but the “L” was born during a late season Brewers Cubs series in Miller Park.

Jay and Carissa Ryan smuggled the flag into the game Sept. 4 in their daughter’s Little Mermaid backpack. They ordered the flag custom made online for about $140.

When the final out was called, the couple unfurled the flag in the outfield.

The team came out and gave them a thumbs up, and a photo was posted on the Brewers Instagram and Twitter pages.

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