Flooding causes closures in southern Wisconsin

5:15 a.m. Wednesday

DARLINGTON (WKOW) — All lanes in both directions on Wis. 23 at Wis. 81 are closed near Darlington because of water over the roadway, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The flooding in and around Darlington has also caused Darlington Schools to close on Wednesday. For a list of current school closures and delays, click HERE.

3:00 a.m. Wednesday

DARLINGTON (WKOW) — Main Street bridge in Darlington closed due to flooding.

Main Street is also State Highway 23 and Highway 81 and is the only connection from the north side of Darlington to the south side of Darlington.

Darlington Police Chief Jason King says the bridge will reopen once waters recede and it is safe to do so.

4:50 p.m. Tuesday

HOLLANDALE (WKOW) — Both directions of Wisconsin 191 have reopened near Hollandale after being closed this morning because of flooding.

11:03 a.m. Tuesday

BLANCHARDVILLE: The northbound and southbound lanes are closed on Wisconsin Highway 78 from Center St to Madison St because of water over the roadway.

10:59 Tuesday

DARLINGTON: The Pecatonica River continues to rise in Darlington. It has already met the predicted crest. There is water on Main Street and all the riverfront properties owned by the city and county are flooded. Police do not anticipate having to close Main Street at this point, though. They have received some reports of flooded basements, but aside from that, the actual flood waters have not harmed any structures.

10:59 a.m. Tuesday

GRANT COUNTY: Closed Roads/Water of the Roadway

* Oak Road – Paris Township (from Highway 35/61 in Dickeyville to Elm Road).

* Big Platte Rd – Harrison Township (from County Highway O to Hank Road)* County Highway O -Harrison Township (Rockville Road to Elm Road)

* Chaffie Hollow Road-Waterloo Township (Salis Road to Highway 133)

* Forest Road-Muscoda Township (Blue River Road to Scenic Trail Road)

* Ellenboro Road-Ellenboro Township (Highway 81 to Airport Road)

* Rattlesnake Road-Waterloo Township (Highway 81 to Glassmaker Road)

* Porter Bridge Road-Beetown Township (Slabtown Road-Schildgen Lane)

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