Attorney General candidates take on hot topics at debate

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) — The candidates for Attorney General debated Sunday night.

Incumbent Republican Brad Schimel and Democratic challenger Josh Kaul debated at Marquette University.

They discussed issues that have been in the news lately, like school safety and the opioid crisis.

“We’re leading the nation,” said AG Brad Schimel regarding fighting the opioid epidemic. “We’ve been recognized over and over for that.”

Schimel touted his success combating the epidemic, while Kaul countered by pointing to nearly 900 opioid related deaths in the state last year.

“It’s just not correct that we are leading the nation in fighting the opioid epidemic, like my opponent’s campaign commercial says,” said Kaul.

The issue of the school safety dominated much of the debate.

Schimel said he was largely responsible for the 100-million dollar state grant program to schools for safety enhancements and training.

“Our schools are going to be the safest in America thanks to the plan I developed with our law enforcement,” Schimel said.

He also repeated his pledge to provide free training if any communities or school districts choose to allow teachers to carry guns in school.

“He’s suggested that we consider arming teachers,” Kaul said. “He’s criticized a gun-free schools zones. As AG I will fight against any effort to arm teachers in Wisconsin.”

Instead Kaul suggested long-term funding for mental health counselors in schools, and universal background checks.

Just before the debate wrapped up, Kaul made some news when moderator Mike Gousha asked whether the candidate would support legalizing marijuana in Wisconsin.

“I think we should legalize medical marijuana in Wisconsin,” Kaul said. “I think it would help people who experience serious chronic pain issues. I think it would be a good source of revenue.”

While Kaul didn’t address recreational usage, Schimel took a harder stance.

“We have enough people driving drunk on the roads from alcohol, we do not need to add more with people driving under the influence of marijuana,” Schimel said.

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