Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says he will seek re-election

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin will seek another term.

Soglin announced the run early Friday morning.

Despite claiming that he would not seek re-election during his gubernatorial campaign, Soglin said in an e-mail “it turns out that I was wrong about being up for another campaign. I am.”

Below is the full e-mail from the mayor:

Dear Friend,

Today, I am announcing that I am running for re-election as Madison Mayor.

Since I returned to office in 2011, we’ve accomplished a great deal. Looking back, we’ve made significant strides, and looking ahead, there is much I would like to finish with you. 

We must continue to grow Madison, effectively and wisely. We have launched Starting Block and the Public Market is under way. The City’s financial health is fundamental to our ability to close gaps in housing, education, and opportunity. Because of cuts on the State level, we must rely on a growing tax base to fund and fuel services and initiatives that we value. 

All City employees now make a minimum of $15 an hour. We’ve mandated that projects with City financing create jobs that pay $15/hour, provide health insurance, and retirement benefits. We made a commitment to build 1000 units of affordable housing and we kept it. We are now setting new goals.

Madison needs a Mayor ready to lead in times of crisis.  Record rains created record flooding. We kept the city open and we provided clear, calm, and accurate information at every step of the way. Now our city engineers are working tirelessly to prevent flooding in the event of another 500-year storm. We took on the challenges of the Trump administration. We will be relentless in combating ICE and the danger, the heartbreak, and the destabilization created by its horrible actions. 

Many of you have made it clear that you believe my serving another term as our City's mayor is key in addressing the challenges we face and in fully realizing the opportunities we have.

In July, I said I would not run. Why have I changed my mind? 

A lot has happened since then. 

We’ve faced significant tests. Trump policies are wreaking havoc for our citizens and our City’s future. That will continue. 

I completed work on the budget. While there are challenges, we have the opportunity to fund exciting and important initiatives. That gives me hope. 

Most importantly, it turns out that I was wrong about being up for another campaign. I am.

Since July many people  business leaders, progressives, conservatives, people of color, longtime Madison residents and people new to our city – have urged me to re-consider and run again.

I look forward to another campaign and another term that will be rewarding and a success for all of us.



Paul R. SoglinMayor of Madison


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