Walker, Evers hold first debate

Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers discussed taxes, education, health care and roads in their first debate on Friday night.

School funding was highlighted as the latest Marquette Poll showed the majority of voters wanted an increase of spending on public schools instead of lowering property taxes.  

Walker touted his latest budget, saying "Tony himself called it a pro-kid budget". Evers responded that districts have had hold referendums to raise their own taxes because Scott Walker has has not provided enough revenue for local schools.  

Evers said “It’s pretty simple, the people of Wisconsin have spoken, they know that the last 8 years have not worked for for our public schools. What I’m proposing is a 1.4 million dollar increase.”

On the topic of health care, Walker defended his attacks on “Obamacare,” saying he can oppose that law and still guarantee insurance coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

And the issue of raising the gas tax was discussed, with Evers once again denying  Walker’s claim that he may raise gas taxes by as much as a dollar a gallon.

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