Iowa Co. D.A. Nelson pleads guilty to OWI

Iowa County District Attorney Larry Nelson pleaded guilty to first offense drunken driving Wednesday and is required to have ignition interlock devices on his cars because of the high level of his blood alcohol content.

In an Iowa County courtroom, Nelson asked Sauk County Judge Michael Screnock for several weeks to install the devices, and Screnock allowed Nelson the time.  But Screnock denied Nelson’s request to exempt one of his cars driven primarily by Nelson’s wife.  Screnock did allow another car registered to Nelson but driven by Nelson’s out-of-the-home daughter to be exempt from installation of the alcohol-detecting device.

Nelson’s blood alcohol content in connection to the Sept. 19 incident was .21.  The state’s BAC limit for driving is .08.

Screnock presided over the case and Assistant Dane County District Attorney John Rice served as special prosecutor to avoid any conflict-of-interest in the Iowa County district attorney’s matter.

Law enforcement body camera video shows Nelson falling down during the operating while intoxicated investigation.

Officers contacted Nelson at his home after Nelson mistakenly activated an OnStar system and 911 was called.

The judge suspended Nelson’s driver’s license for seven months.  Nelson is eligible to apply for an occupational license.

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