Fort Atkinson teen recovering after hit and run accident

 Alexandria Goodwin was getting ready to head to work Wednesday morning when she heard a horrifying sound.

“It was a piercing, loud scream. I got out my car and I hear a second scream,” Goodwin said. “He was terrified. He was in pain.”

Then she raced up the street to help.

“There was a body that was in the middle of the road where the scream was coming from.”

“Yesterday morning around 6:56 a.m., we had a report of a pedestrian laying in the roadway on Jefferson Street at North 3rd Street East,” said Fort Atkinson Police Capt. Jeffrey Davis.

Davis said the teen was on his way to school when he was hit by a vehicle that didn’t stop.

“The boy was later able to tell us the vehicle was a either a blue colored truck or SUV,” he said.

Goodwin tended to the 16-year-old until his parents and EMS arrived.

“He kept trying to move and looked like he wanted to get up. And I just kept telling him no. Don’t move until the ambulance gets here,” she said.

Officers will be out in the community looking for vehicles with a certain type of damage, likely front end damage. They’re also look at any surveillance video from nearby homes that may have captured the accident.

“I’ve gotta believe somebody in the community probably saw something. And hopefully they’ll see this newscast and contact us with any information they may have,” Davis said.

“This was a hit and run. And whoever did this just left this poor boy, somebody’s son, somebody’s nephew, just laying there, helpless, scared and in pain in the middle of the street,” Goodwin said.

“It’s a very small community. And I’m hoping that somebody can find some information and relay it. So we can find out who did this. This is just heartbreaking,” she said.

The teen was taken to the hospital, where he’s recovering from a broken femur.

If you have any information about the accident, contact Fort Atkinson police.

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