Police snare Las Vegas homicide suspect during Beltline traffic safety swee

A Madison Police Department traffic enforcement safety team arrested a Las Vegas homicide suspect during sweep Thursday morning on the Beltline.

Taran J. Wilhelmi, 21, faces extradition back to Nevada, according to a Madison police incident report.

The safety team was working the West Beltline Highway about 10 a.m. when Wilhelmi’s car was clocked doing 102 mph.

He was pulled over near Whitney Way, and an officer ran his information in a squad car computer.

A homicide warrant out of Las Vegas popped up and after the officer contacted the Vegas homicide detective, he confirmed this it a fully extraditable warrant.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the Dane County Jail

For more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/top-stories/2018/10/25/police-snare-las-vegas-homicide-suspect-during-beltline-traffic-safety-sweep/

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