Sheriff investigating burglary spree in town of Dunn

UPDATE (WKOW) — Multiple cars, homes and garages were rifled through Tuesday night in the town of Dunn.

“We have a nice, quiet neighborhood, a family-friendly neighborhood,” David Gillette, who lives close to the area, said. “To have that kind of thing going on around here is pretty disturbing.”

At Beverly Semmann’s home, whoever it was got into three of their cars and took a garage door opener and a wallet.

“It’s obviously our mistake for leaving it in there but definitely you feel like pretty violated that somebody’s been through all your stuff,” Semmann said.

She was surprised that was all they took, because she says there were more valuable things in the garage.

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a man captured on a security camera, who deputies believe is responsible.

The suspect’s picture was captured on a little camera on the doorbell.

Having cameras around homes is something residents are starting to consider more and more for that extra piece of mind.

“We’ve just kinda walked around our property saying if we put one up, where would we and what areas would we want to focus on,” Semmann said.

While the Blake family only has the one doorbell camera for now, they plan on getting at least five more.

“If nothing else get the Ring doorbell because it does at least show somebody coming to your door and you get alerts on your phone,” Mike Blake, whose camera caught the suspect.

Cameras only watch people, they can’t stop them.

The Dane County Sheriff’s office believes most of the houses and cars were unlocked.

You hear about people leaving valuables in their cars, wallets and things like that,” Gillette said.”It just shouldn’t happen, lock them up and we wouldn’t have this problem.”

Dane County sheriff’s officials say this man is likely the same one responsible for a similar cluster of thefts in the town of Burke in late September. If you can identify him, you should contact the sheriff’s office.

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