Former Boys and Girls Club CEO Johnson takes leave from new job

Michael Johnson, who left his job in July as CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County for the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, has taken a leave following reports of conflict with the new board’s president.

WCPO-TV in Cincinnati reports that in an Oct. 16 email to the board, Johnson detailed concerns about his interactions with board chair Julia Poston.

“I have worked with 10 board presidents in 3 different states, receiving outstanding reviews. I’ve been a successful nonprofit leader for more than 20 years,” Johnson wrote. “I have never been micromanaged and disrespected the way I am being now. I have communicated my concerns in writing. I’ve tried to communicate my concerns to the others in a careful manner, but to no avail. I have no other choice but to raise this issue with the full board, as I have received subtle threats from the Board Chair.”

In an emailed response to the United Way board of directors that WCPO obtained, Poston and future chair Tim Elsbrock wrote that “we and several other members of the Executive Committee have been discussing certain performance issues with Michael” and “did not expect such a response from Michael.”

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