Democrats call GOP leaders statements on Executive powers “desperate”

MADISON (WKOW) — Democrats are still frustrated by top Republicans in the state saying they might look into reducing the executive power of Gov.-elect Tony Evers.

Two members of the Joint Finance Committee, Sen. Jon Erpenbach and Rep. Chris Taylor said they have never experienced a lame duck session centered around taking executive powers away from an incoming governor. calling the idea a desperate power grab by Republicans.

“When we’re going into the session and you take away his ability to govern, it’s not off to a good start and if anything they are trying to stack the deck as best as they can,” said Erpenbach.

A day after the election, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said there might be some areas where the Legislature granted too much power to the executive branch. He also said he’s open to looking at what he could change to re-balance it. Democrats argue the state is already balanced with a new Democratic governor and Republican’s controlling the state legislature.

Vos sent out a statement Thursday saying in part, “Wisconsin chose a divided government which may result in a slower process … our goal is to ensure our constitutional authority is reiterated and enforced.”

It’s still not clear what GOP leaders may do as Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald haven’t laid out specifics.

Democrats said they’d rather start working on the issues of raising revenues for schools and roads.

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