Number of autos stolen in Madison jumps in October

 Of the 49 autos stolen in Madison in October of this year, 40 had the keys in them, according to a blog post from Police Chief Mike Koval.

Five of those vehicles were running.

The number of thefts is a 28 percent increase from October, 2017, where there were 38 stolen auto reports.

However for the year, the number of stolen autos has remained relatively even with a year ago.

Through the end of October, police received 344 stolen auto reports since the beginning of the year.  This is a 1 percent increase year-to-date from 2017, where police took 340 reports regarding stolen autos.

More information on these incidents:

  • Of the 49 stolen autos from October, 36 vehicles have been recovered
  • Of the 49 stolen autos in October, 40 of them had keys in them. (5 of the vehicles were unlocked and running as well)
  • East District had the most reports of stolen autos (17), followed by West with 11, North with 10, Central had 6, Midtown reported 3 and South had 2

For more go to WKOW:

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