Baraboo student in controversial photo says photographer told them to “give

A student in a photo of Baraboo High School students giving what some call a Nazi salute is now giving his side of the story.

Brock Turkington says he was standing in the group of about 60 boys of the Class of 2019 when the photographer snapped the photo.

“During the photos of the boys group, a picture was taken that many have interpreted as anti-Semitic. As wewere about to take that photo, the photographer instructed the boys to give a ‘high-sign’,” Turkington wrote in an emailed statement to WKOW.

“There was confusion and a lot of laughter and joking during the course of all the photos, including this particular photo.”

The teen wrote many boys, including himself, weren’t sure what to do.

“The photographer instructed us to extend our arms out, no one new what a ‘high-sign’ was. I asked another student next to me ‘what are we doing’, he responded ‘stick your arm out’.”

“Looking at the picture now, I understand why people believe it is related to anti-semitism. As anoutsider, I would have the same impression,” Turkington wrote. “That was never the intent at that time. In thispicture are many of my friends (not everyone in the picture), that I know are not racist and do not hold Nazi views.”

He goes on to apologize to the community.

“I want to apologize to anyone that this incident has hurt; individuals that have been victims of racism, anti-semitism, and/or xenophobia. I would also like to apologize to the people of Baraboo, Baraboo High School, and my family. I am deeply sorry.”

Since the photo surfaced over the weekend, it has drawn national and international condemnation. The photographer says the shot has been misinterpreted.

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