Waterloo Teacher on leave

 A teacher in the Waterloo School District has been placed on administrative leave following a report of misconduct.

District officials currently investigating the matter, according to a statement posted on the district’s Facebook page.

The staff member has been placed on administrative leave and is no longer in the building, according to the district.

“The Waterloo School District considers allegations of misconduct by a staff member a serious matter and intends to commit all resources towards investigating such related matters,” District Administrator Brian C. Henning said in a statement.

“The poor choices and actions of one individual is not reflective of the greater good that exists across the entire District,” Henning said.

The district will be cooperating alongside law enforcement to obtain all of the facts surrounding the allegation, according to the statement. The school is committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure the Waterloo School District remains a safe place for children.

For more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/2018/11/14/teacher-on-leave-while-waterloo-schools-investigates-report-of-misconduct/

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