Baraboo police investigate threats tied to controversial photo

Baraboo Police said in a press release on Thursday that they are investigating threats made to students, Baraboo School District and other city officials. The threats made are tied to a controversial photo that shows most of the now senior boys at Baraboo High School giving what appears to be a nazi salute.

The press release indicates that the threats have been made through email, voice message and phone to many members of the community. Police are now investigating each report to see if any crime was committed and to ensure the safety of the community.

The Police Department says they were first made aware of the photograph on Monday, November 12. Police say the investigation includes determining if any violations of criminal or civil law were broken in the taking or posting of the photo. Police say they are assisting the School District of Baraboo but their internal investigation is separate and any decisions made by either entity would be made separately.

The press release stated the following:

“The School District of Baraboo will be putting out information as to what they are doing as they develop those strategies and processes. As they work through different aspects of this complex issue, items related to the photo and additional problems like threats to the safety of students and staff are being looked into by the police as well. Our investigation is still open and active as we develop and work in the world of social media, which can be very complex and dynamic.”

A program is planned for Thursday night. Baraboo Mayor Mike Palm is expected to address the photo to the community and discuss a plan to move forward from the controversy.

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