Joy-riding teens’ crash leaves disabled woman without a home

 A 50-year-old Madison mother with disabilities now will be unable to move into her new home after three teens crashed a stolen SUV into the nearly completed house Saturday night, making it structurally unstable.

The woman’s disabilities make it difficult for her to walk and she had plans to move her family into a home that fits her needs on Dunns Marsh Terrace. It is under construction and owned by the city of Madison.

Now it is believed to be structurally unstable after the young suspects slammed an SUV into it. All were injured and taken to hospitals, according to a Madison police department incident report.

The 2017 Subaru Forester in which they were joyriding was stolen last Thursday morning after its owner — who was just hoping to warm the SUV up — left it unlocked, unoccupied, and running on Grand View Blvd.

Fitchburg Police had attempted to stop the SUV Saturday, but the teens sped off and crashed into the victim’s soon-to-be home.

Two boys are ages 14 and 16, and a girl is age 15.

Fitchburg Police are handling tentative charges against the suspects. Two of three are part of a Madison-based gang that has garnered recent news coverage following a rash of crimes that include car thefts.

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