GOP leaders meet privately to discuss plans for lame-duck session

 Assembly and Senate Republicans met privately Tuesday to discuss ideas for the lame duck session.

Among the ideas floating around since Gov.-elect Tony Evers won the election are limiting his powers on administrative rules and reducing his ability to appoint board members. Evers has called them a desperate power move.

Before the holiday, Gov. Scott Walker said he supported changing the date of the 2020 presidential primary election, which falls on the same date as the Supreme Court election. It’s an idea that could increase chances for Republicans to keep a conservative on the court because of expected heavy Democratic turnout for the primary.

However, Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald said he’s aware of several county clerks who are concerned that two elections held closely together would cause “chaos.”

Fitzgerald is scheduled to meet with Walker after the Senate’s caucus meeting.

Other topics up for possible discussion are legislation to keep open Kimberly Clark plant in Wisconsin and accepting new Medicaid requirements for those to receive BadgerCare.

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