Democrats ask for Wisconsin to be included in proposed tax package

Wisconsin Democrats are calling on Congressional leadership to help families impacted by severe weather this year.

Representatives Ron Kind, Mark Pocan and Gwen Moore as well as Senator Tammy Baldwin are asking for Wisconsin families to be included in an upcoming tax package that provides federal disaster relief. The group says the tax package doesn’t include Wisconsin in a long list of high-profile natural disasters.

“Wisconsinites working to rebuild their homes, farms and businesses deserve the same federal disaster assistance as those who caught the attention of the national media. We are calling on Congressional leadership to step up to the plate and give Wisconsinites a fighting chance as they work to repair and rebuild their lives,” said the lawmakers in a joint statement.

The lawmakers sent a letter addressed to House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Congressional leaders. It demands Wisconsin residents be eligible for disaster tax benefits.

The proposed tax package is scheduled for a vote on the House floor Friday. It would ensure losses from disasters are deductible and protects people from losing tax benefits because of job displacement from storms. The bill would also create a credit for farms and businesses that were destroyed.

Heavy rainfall, severe flooding, strong winds and tornadoes in August and early September left many areas with severe damage.

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