Middleton High students arrested for sex assault of 14-year old

Authorities say two Middleton High students were arrested for the sexual assault of a 14-year old girl.

Investigators say the crimes took place two days after more than two hundred students rallied at the school to raise the profile of the issue of sexual misconduct within the student body.

One of the arrested students, 18-year old Mohammad Aldachach appeared in Dane County Court Wednesday for the purposes of bail.  A court commissioner released the teen on a signature bond. His arrest was on the tentative charge of second degree sexual assault.

Dane County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Kerry Porter tells 27 News the alleged victim – a Middleton High freshman – attended a boys basketball game at the school Nov. 21, and was picked up by one of the suspects after the game and taken to a location in the Town of Middleton.

Porter tells 27 News Aldachach and a 16-year old student then sexually assaulted the girl.

Assistant Dane County District Attorney Dallas Montano Wednesday told the commissioner arrangements had been made to remove Aldachach from the school building when the alleged victim attended classes.

“The victim has a right to feel safe at her own school,”  Montano says.  “And the school will be providing alternatives through the school district at a different location.”

Aldachach was a member of the school’s 2018 varsity football team.

On Nov. 19, a student-led demonstration called for more action to address sexual misdeeds on campus.  As part of the effort, organizers invited students who have been victims of sex-related misconduct to anonymously share their stories on a social media site.

Aldachach is scheduled to make an appearance on a formal criminal charge Monday.

For more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/top-stories/2018/11/29/middleton-high-students-arrested-for-sex-assault-of-14-year-old/

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