Stray bullets narrowly miss Madison mother, children

Stray bullets just missed a mother with her baby and two children sleeping in their apartment on Troy Drive in Madison.

Police say it happened Wednesday night near School Road on the city’s north side.

“We heard like four or five gunshots in a row,” said Cassandra Vega, as she recalls the jarring sound that startled her family as they were watching TV. “The first thing that went through my head is the fact that we’re right by the window and it sounded really close. like very, very close.”

Madison police say it was neighbors of Vega’s who were nearly hit by the random gunfire.

Officers found two bedrooms with bullet holes. In one, two young brothers. In the other, a mother and her baby.

It was a close call that had the mother in tears, according to police. However, they don’t think the family was targeted.

“We noticed the police actually right outside of our house on the corner. And they were looking around on the ground. So I’m assuming they were looking for some bullet shells or something like that,” Vega said.

Thankfully, the mom and her children weren’t hurt.

Vega has two small children of her own and says she can related to the mother’s grief.

“I would hate to be like a parent stuck in a situation where my child is shot or dead or paralyzed or anything when it had nothing to do with us,” she said.

Vega and her family just moved into the area about a week ago. She says this is not the first time she’s heard gunfire in the area since moving in.

“I believe the night of Thanksgiving we also heard some. But they seemed a little further,” she said.

When asked if Vega would consider taking any extra precautions because of the shooting, she said, “I didn’t really thought of that yet to be honest. Maybe down the road. Maybe down the road get a little camera.”

Police says a witness saw a minivan and a dark sedan driving slowly nearby at the time of the shooting. Right now, they have not made any arrests.

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