Republicans reveal proposals for lame duck, Democrats call measures “desper

 Republicans released their proposals Friday for the lame duck session with a series of measures they hope to pass before Governor Scott Walker leaves office.

They range from changing the 2020 presidential primary date from April to March, limiting early voting, and reducing powers of the governor’s office to appoint to certain boards. Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Schilling calls the measures “ludicrous.”

“This November, Wisconsin residents made it clear they are tired of divide and conquer tactics and want to see positive change,” said Shilling. “Republicans are more concerned with clinging to power at a time when factories are closing, 584 Wisconsin dairy farms have shut down their operations this year and families are feeling the pinch going into the holiday season.”

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald sent out a joint statement encouraging lawmakers to uphold reforms and legislation enacted under Governor Walker.

“Wisconsin law should not be erased by the potential political maneuvering of the executive branch. In order to find common ground, everyone must be at the table.”

The proposals also include rules to weaken Democrat Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul’s powers. The measure would eliminate the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s solicitor general’s office and give lawmakers the authority to hire their own attorneys for disagreements over statues.

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