Gov.-elect responds to lame-duck session beginning this week

MADISON (WKOW) — Wisconsin Republicans are getting ready to move ahead quickly on a series of lame-duck proposals.

There’s a public hearing and committee vote scheduled Monday. The proposals would move the 2020 presidential primary, restrict early voting and weaken recently-elected leaders.

The Senate and Assembly will take up the measures Tuesday, a month before Gov.-elect Tony Evers will replace Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

The governor elect held a news conference Sunday in Milwaukee to respond to the lame-duck session.

He said regardless of what happens, he’s still going to try to work with them to find common ground. But he is hoping the people of Wisconsin will help stop the Republicans from moving forward with their proposals.

“I’m hearing a lot from people and I’m encouraging them to connect with their legislators, make sure they have their voices. I’m speaking for them but they need to speak directly to their own elected officials to make sure this doesn’t happen,” Evers said.

Evers does not plan on testifying on Tuesday. He says it’s embarrassing how difficult it has been for Wisconsin republicans and democrats to collaborate.

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