Packers fans react to Mike McCarthy’s firing

MADISON (WKOW) — After 13 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, the team announced Sunday, Mike McCarthy is out as head coach.

In Madison, most fans said they expected McCarthy to go but figured he would make through the regular season. After the 20-17 loss to the 2-9 Cardinals, Marina Haan said she expected a few changes.

“Cardinals hadn’t beat us at Lambeau for decades and this was probably the final straw,” she said. “Second halves especially have been very disappointing.”

Fans like Corey Lee agreed, pointing the finger at McCarthy.

“I was very ready for that. The team has not been right all season,” he said. “The players are doing what they can and it’s not good coaching calls.”

A junior varsity football coach himself, Jim Spahr said in the last few games, he saw the team’s energy fading, under McCarthy’s coaching.

“Didn’t seem like the team was responding to him,” Spahr said. “A lot of turmoil with the players, it seemed like the players would screw up and they’d get rid of players. The coaches would screw up too but they didn’t get rid of the coaches.”

As for what’s next, fans are optimistic.

“More power to them I’ve seen the ups and downs and I hope we’re on the upswing again,” Haan said.

Spahr said he thinks quick changes can turn the team around in a few seasons.

“They’ll do some house cleaning in there and probably some of its been way overdue probably for the last two or three years hopefully they get someone in there that can take advantage of the rest of Aaron Rodgers’ career and we get another good run,” he said.

As for McCarthy’s future career, Spahr said he thinks he still has a future in the NFL, though it might take a little bit of time.

“He’s gonna want to regroup,” he said. “It doesn’t look like he’s been having any fun these past couple of years. I think that wears on a coach. It wouldn’t surprise me if he comes back in as a coordinator maybe a year from now. I do believe he’s a good coach I just think he’s kind of worn out his welcome with the team in Green Bay.”

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