Hollandale family loses everything, including Christmas gifts, in fire

Rich Grolbert photo.

HOLLANDALE (WKOW) — A single father and his five children lost all of their possessions, including Christmas presents, in fire Saturday that destroyed their home.

The fire broke out Saturday morning in the village of Hollandale in Iowa County, southwest of Madison.

“As most people know, our small community woke up on Saturday morning to a home that was lost in a fire. Everything was lost in the fire and the family will need need to start over,” read a post on the Hollandale Fire Department Facebook page.

A fire Dec. 8 destroyed the home on Hollandale of a single dad and his five kids. 

Two of the boys are in fourth grade, one boy is in kindergarten, one girl is in second grade and the other girl is in fifth grade.

For those who would like to donate, here is a list of what the family needs:

Here are kid and Dad sizes: Girl tops 14-16 and size 8. Bottoms 14 & size 8. shoes 6 & 2

Boys top 18, size 12, and size 5. Bottoms 14 husky, 12 and 5. shoes 5 and 2

Adult male XL shirts pants 34×32, shoes 10… he lost his coveralls for work.

A storage unit has been donated to the family to start accepting donations of all sizes. The unit is located at Hollandale Downtown Self Storage, unit B6.

Lost Christmas presents included Barbie items, PS4 and games, big eyed stuff animals, Barbie house, babies, legos, an movies.

There is now an account set up for the family at Farmers Savings Bank. Money should be made out to “Mattison Family Fund”

Fire victim Chris Mattison says he and his children were vacationing in Florida when the fire left his home a total loss.  But Mattison says the community outpouring to help his family has been incredible. “It’s good to know there are good people in the world,” Mattison tells 27 News.

“Sad that it has happened two weeks before Christmas, but I will help, whatever I can do,”  says Roxanne Edge, who owns Hollandale’s lone gas station and is Mattison’s friend.

Dan Schutte of Blanchardville typifies the response to this family in need.  He does not know Mattison, but has offered him a washer and dryer.

“Small towns, that’s what we do,” Schutte tells 27 News.  “We take care of each other when we can.”

Hollandale Fire Chief Jerry Doescher says the cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

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