Walker debating line-item veto

PEWAUKEE (WKOW) — Gov. Scott Walker said he will likely make one line-item veto regarding the bills passed by Republican’s last week during the lame-duck session. However, he still has yet to formally ask for the bills to be delivered to his desk.

Instead of calling for the legislation right away, Walker said he rather find a solution first to save hundreds of jobs at the Kimberly Clark plant in the Fox Valley. Walker made these comments at a small business event in Pewaukee where he also believes none of the legislation takes powers away from the incoming governor or attorney general.

“For all this hype and hysteria, which I think is driven by fundraising for political purposes, the bottom line is there’s not a fundamental shift in powers — no matter what happens with this legislation. Read it,” said Walker. 

Gov.-elect Tony Evers spokesperson said they called on the governor to veto all the bills.

“Do the right thing and veto this legislation,” said Britt Cudaback, Ever’s spokeswomen. “It’s time for Republicans to stop putting politics before people and to start working together with the incoming Evers administration on the pressing issues facing our state.”

Walker downplayed the national media attention the bills are gaining saying Evers will still have a lot of power.

“No matter what I do, Tony Evers come Jan. 7, will have the strongest powers than any governor in America,” he said. “The governor will continue to appoint his own cabinet, the governor will continue to appoint to boards and commissions.”

Prior to speaking to reporters in Pewaukee, the governor signaled in a Facebook post he generally supports the bills as long as they increase transparency, accountability, stability and protects taxpayers.

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