MPD arrests second suspect in Visions Nightclub shooting

Madison police say they have arrested a second man in connection with a shooting at a nightclub.

Detectives arrested Spencer Jackson, IV, 29, of Madison, for disorder conduct while armed. Detectives say they believe Jackson produced a gun during the disturbance at Visions Nightclub, but did not fire the weapon.

Police have already arrested Cole W. Foster, 35, of Madison in connection with the shooting. Police say they believe he fired a gun inside the nightclub.

Foster was arrested on the tentative charge of first degree reckless endangering safety, after authorities say four people were wounded by gun fire, and one person was stabbed inside Visions.

Madison Police say a 42-year old Chicago man was shot in the chest area; a 35-year old Oregon, Wisconsin. man was shot in the leg; a 46-year old bar employee was shot in the foot; and a 31-year old Milwaukee woman was grazed by a bullet.  Assistant Dane County District Attorney Robin Lee says one victim remains hospitalized.

Visions Nightclub

Detectives are still interviewing witnesses and have not yet determined what caused the disturbance that led to gunfire, according to Madison Police officials.  Officials do say someone’s attempt to re-enter the adult entertainment venue played a role.

Police were called about 1:45 a.m. for a report of a large fight and shots fired. Upon arrival, a large crowd was found and there were five injured, according to a Madison Police department incident report.

Cole Foster

Authorities say in addition to the gun shot victims, one person was stabbed.

Foster’s attorney, Anthony Delyea tells 27 News Foster fired his gun twice to protect himself.

“And he’s also not the one who was stabbing people,”  Delyea tells 27 News.  “He was the one who was stabbed. I think it’s important to understand that,”  Delyea says.

Delyea says Foster has a state-issued, concealed carry permit.

At the time this incident occurred, authorities say there were an estimated 40 to 50 people present as patrons in the bar.

If Foster only fired his gun twice, no information has been released on any other possible shooters.

In addition to appearing in court Tuesday for the purposes of bail, Foster was also charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct while armed with a dangerous weapon, in connection to a September incident.  A criminal complaint states Foster pulled out a gun in the parking lot of an east side Madison bar, after the bar’s owner pushed Foster and insisted he leave.

Lee says Foster will be criminally charged Thursday for his role in the violence at the East Washington Avenue night spot.

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