Madison man who blew up home to hide homicide ordered to pay restitution

The Madison man who blew up his home to hide the murder of his wife was ordered today to pay restitution.

In court Friday, Judge Nicholas J. McNamara ordered Pirus to pay restitution to the victims and Lee Ann Pirus’ family. Restitution was set at about $36,073.

Pirus, 60, was sentenced to life in prison in July 2018.

He pleaded guilty and was convicted of disconnecting gas to the dryer in his home, causing the  Sept. 13, 2017 explosion that flattened the home, killed his dogs, and caused collateral damage in his west side neighborhood.

Police later discovered the body of 50-year old Lee Anne Pirus in the rubble and determined she did not die in the blast, but by a gun shot to the heads weeks before.

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