State Ag department warns against mulching Christmas trees this year

(Wisconsin Radio Network) If you bought your Christmas Tree from a big box store this year, state ag officials want you to burn it or throw it away.

A batch of insect infested trees and wreaths made it to a number of retailers this season. State ag spokeswoman Donna Gilson says the bugs are called E H S and they could spread to Wisconsin trees. 

“There’s landscaping trees in yards and parks, but there’s also our forests and our Christmas Tree industry is the big concern.”

Gilson says the bugs nest deep, and like to hide themselves. “If you have a wreath hanging on your wall, you wouldn’t see it. It’s on the underside of the needles where these insects feed.”

Make sure to burn the tree or wreath entirely. If you can’t do that, bag it up and have it hauled away to a landfill. “Put them in a garbage bag, seal it up with a twistie-tie or a knot or whatever, put it in the trash can, and let your waste removal service haul it away to a landfill.”

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