New Year’s Eve warnings of drunk driving consequences

(WKOW) — With new year’s eve celebrations coming up, attorneys have a warning about the consequences of drinking and driving.

In Wisconsin, the penalties for drunk driving are steep. They include fines over one thousand dollars and the possible loss of a license.

If drivers have a blood alcohol content of .15 or higher, they’ll be required to use a breathalyzer fitted for their car, which cost about 100 dollars per month.

Subsequent offenses get more expensive and restrictive.

Attorney Joseph Veenstra said this can happen to anyone which is why it’s important to make a ride share plan before going out.

“Even if you’re slightly intoxicated and you get in an accident and cause an injury, or God forbid kill someone, that’s a major consequence,” Veenstra said.

“This is something that can be resolved by an inexpensive 20 dollars or 30 dollars to get you from point A to point B,” he said.

Commercial drivers licenses have even stricter rules. In some cases, offenses can lead to possible lifetime bans and the inability to drive in other countries.

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