Gov. Evers takes the oath of office, tone of compromise and solving problem

MADISON (WKOW) — It’s the beginning of a new era for Wisconsin as Democratic Governor Tony Evers took the oath of office, kicking off his first day by setting the tone for the next four years.

Evers inauguration marks a new dynamic in state government after 8 years of Republican control after former governor Scott Walker lost by a narrow margin to Evers in November.

Evers centered his speech on diversity, solving problems and finding common ground.

“I took the oath today with the grace and humility of knowing that no single person can solve these problems alone,” Evers said. “The challenges we face can only be fixed by finding solutions together.”

In his first speech as governor, Evers said it’s time to move on from past political arguments and instead focus on bringing people together.

“We cannot fix these problems unless people come before politics,” he said. “We’ve become paralyzed by polarity and we’ve become content with division.”

Evers reiterated some of his campaign promises investing in infrastructure, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, creating affordable health care and increase funding for education. The governor told the crowd he’s ready for the challenges ahead and opportunity for bipartisanship the next four years.

“May we be willing to do what’s best for the next generation rather than the next election,” Evers said.

This Inauguration marks the first time since 2006 when Democrat Jim Doyle was governor and the entire legislature was controlled by the opposite party than the governor.

“The people of Wisconsin demanded a change this November, and that change is coming,” Evers said.

For Evers first week as governor, he campaigned to visit the state’s troubled Lincoln Hills Youth prison. He also signed two executive orders.

One calls on state agencies to develop and implement anti-discrimination policies and create terms for all state employee contracts.

Another seeks to recognize and respect state employees.

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