Witness: Lieske’s sexual advance rejected before Marshall killing

 A witness testified Monday Daniel Lieske’s sexual advance to 21-year old Jesse Faber was rejected before Lieske “snapped” and fatally shot Faber after a party in Marshall.

“He said basically, ‘I tried to offer him money for sexual favors,’ ” Dane County jail inmate Emmanuel Harris testified about a conversation he had with fellow inmate Lieske.

“He just said he offered him some money and the kid basically didn’t want to do it,”  Harris testified.  “And saying he (Faber) was like basically going to expose him,”  Harris said Lieske told him.

Lieske fatally shot Faber in January 2018 after the 60-year old Lieske broke up a party at a next door duplex in Marshall and then invited Faber into the duplex Lieske shared with his girlfriend Meichelle Goss, and Lieske’s son.  Lieske maintains Faber attacked him and he acted in self defense.  Lieske and Goss have already been convicted of hiding Faber’s corpse.

Monday marked the beginning of the second week of Lieske’s homicide trial. Harris testified Lieske told him he concocted the self-defense theory.

“He said he was just going to say the kid had a knife and tried to stab him,”  Harris said.

“He said, ‘I’m an old man, they’re going to believe me,’ ” Harris testified.  ” ‘The kid was in my house, so I just can say what I want to say.’ ”

Goss testified earlier in the trial she discovered Lieske holding a gun on Faber after a loud noise brought her into the room where the two men were arguing.  Goss said Lieske claimed Faber had attacked him, with Faber denying it.  During Goss’ testimony, there was no reference to Faber claiming Lieske had made a sexual advance.

During cross examination, Lieske’s attorney Dennis Burke highlighted Harris’ ten criminal convictions and ten pending criminal charges, and questioned Harris’ honesty, citing some of Harris’ crimes.

“Do truthful men violate bond?”  Burke asked.

“No,” Harris answered.

“But you’re a truthful man?”  Burke continued.

“Yes,”  Harris responded.

Harris conceded he hoped his testimony against Lieske would help him in the pending cases Harris faces, but insisted there was no deal for his testimony with Dane County’s district attorney.

A physician with the Dane County Medical Examiner’s office testified Monday about the seven gun shot wounds Faber suffered, with most of them involving bullets fired into Faber’s back.

Burke Tuesday will reveal whether Lieske will take the witness stand to testify in his own defense.

For more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/top-stories/2019/01/14/witness-lieskes-sexual-advance-rejected-before-marshall-killing/

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