As shutdown drags on, city of Madison making plans to cover federal funding

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The city of Madison will begin making contingency plans in February if the partial government shutdown continues to drag on.

In a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin said the city has enough resources to manage a variety of city programs through February, but by March federal money will begin to dry up.

City departments will begin planning in February for contingency plans for programs that typically are reimbursed by the federal government. Some of those plans may have to be approved by the city council, Soglin said.

Of greatest concern, are programs that help adults and children, such as SNAP, that are reimbursed by the federal government, Soglin said.

Closings on VA and some FHA loans also are in jeopardy unless the city steps in, Soglin said.

Soglin said the city will have to take on some of the responsibilities that won’t be reimbursed.

The Madison Fire Department receives no federal funds, but the Madison Police Department receives several federal grants that will need to be covered by city funds, Soglin said.

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