Group celebrates judge striking down early voting restrictions

MADISON (WKOW) — A federal judge struck down early voting restrictions enacted by Republicans during the lame-duck session six weeks ago.

One Wisconsin Now along with support from former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asked U.S. District Judge James Peterson to rule the law unconstitutional just a few days after then-Governor Scott Walker signed them into law.

In 2016, the same judge ruled a Republican attempt to reduce early voting unconstitutional. According to Judge Peterson’s analysis, the GOP measure “expands early voting window slightly, it is still a state-imposed limit on the time for in-person absentee voting.”

Analise Eicher of One Wisconsin Now said she remained confident Republicans attempt would suppress voting rights.

“We felt pretty strongly with what they passed during the lame-duck session was really at the core no different than what they passed previously and what was struck down in 2016,” said Eicher.

The law passed by Republicans attempting to expand absentee voting to two weeks prior to an election, opening locations 24-hours a day.

Judge Peterson also struck down provisions in the law that prevented voters from using expired student IDs and temporary ones to use as identification to cast a ballot.

State attorneys have asked the circuit court of appeal to reverse the judge’s order.

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