Firefighters battle two-alarm house fire in Sun Prairie

SUN PRAIRIE (WKOW) — Two people were injured during a fire that seriously damaged a house on the east side of Sun Prairie Tuesday night.

There were people inside the home on North Musket Ridge Drive when the fire started, although it’s not clear how many, according to the fire department.

When firefighters arrived, flames and smoke were coming from the garage of the two-story home. Firefighters say the garage suffered most of the damage, but the entire house is uninhabitable. The flames were so intense heat damaged the neighboring house.

One Sun Prairie police officer and another person were transported to the hospital after inhaling smoke.

The falling snow made battling the flames harder, a department spokesman said. Firefighters had to work slower to make sure they didn’t slip on the pavement while moving between engines and the house. Department leaders made sure firefighters took frequent rests to warm up. Sun Prairie called on other surrounding departments for assistance covering the rest of the city.

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