Madison snow emergency likely to last for multiple days

MADISON (WKOW) — From the city’s perspective, it is all hands on deck going into this winter storm.

Sunday afternoon, multiple city departments gave a rundown of what to expect in the next 24 to 48 hours and what they want residents to keep in mind.

“This could possibly be the third worst storm that we’ve had since 1990,” Mayor Paul Soglin said.

Not mincing any words, Mayor Soglin urged everyone to be ready for the 8-12 inches of snow coming overnight and the cleanup process afterwards.

“We’re asking that everyone, whether you’re in a plow route or not, get your cars off the streets,” Soglin said.

There is a snow emergency in effect Sunday through Tuesday morning, and the streets division says it may be extended longer than that.

“We anticipate there will be several nights of snow emergency,” Charlie Romines, with the Madison Streets Division, said.

With the potential for historic low temperatures, it’ll be too cold for salt, which will make for difficult travel.

“Even where we’ve been through plowing, people that do have to get out should expect to see snow covered roads,” Romines said of the morning commute.

One thing that multiple city officials emphasized was keep an eye on your neighbors.

“These are tough times, make sure you check up on your neighbors,” Madison Fire Chief Steve Davis said. “Make sure that if people are out shoveling and plowing their own driveways, their own sidewalks, allow them a place to come in and recover and keep warm.”

The Madison Fire Department will be running two extra ambulances, but says it will try to keep engines and ladder trucks in as much as possible.

With the heavy snow, the Madison Police Department will be operating on limited and diminished services.

“Please understand that if you’re in a crash, you’ll probably have to do a self report because the only ones we’re going to are ones where there are injuries or major blockages at major thoroughfare,” Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said. “So use some good judgement.

If you still need to get around, Madison Metro will be running buses throughout the snow storm.

With schools closing Monday, multiple buses will be available as warming centers at transfer points and to assist emergency services.

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