Woman attacked cab driver and stole tip money

A Madison woman was arrested Friday for armed robbery and several other charges after she allegedly attacked a cab driver and stole his tip money.

Juaneicea T. Thompson, 18, of Madison was arrested for armed robbery, battery, using pepper spray to harm during the commission of a crime, discharging bodily fluids at public safety workers, disorderly conduct, and resisting, according to a report from the Madison Police Department.

Thompson allegedly told the driver that she did not have any money to pay her fair “and that she would need to go inside her home to get cash,” police said.

The driver told Thompson to leave “some sort of collateral,” according to police. Thompson allegedly refused and the driver threatened to take her back to where he picked her up.

That is when, police said, the driver claimed Thompson attacked him and stole his tip money.

The cab driver called the police and Thompson was arrested, according to police.

“After being taken into custody she spit in the face of an MPD officer,” police said.

For more go to WKOW: https://wkow.com/news/crime/2019/02/01/police-woman-attacked-cab-driver-and-stole-tip-money/

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