Middleton police look for man who stole thousands in leather jackets

Middleton (WKOW) — Nearly $4,500 worth in leather jackets stolen from Jos. A. Bank in Middleton and police are looking for the man who did it.

“Suspect came into the store, started looking around at jackets and collected numerous leather jackets and some other clothing items and ran out the store,” Detective Darrin Zimmerman, Sergeant with the Middleton Police Department, said.

The manager ran out of the front doors after the man and took pictures with his cellphone to hopefully identify the man later.

Detective Zimmerman says those pictures show an early 2000s Ford F-150 with particular designs and damage to the driver side door.

Zimmerman hopes it will help people identify the man especially because it looks like he intentionally hid the license plate.

“It wasn’t like a snow buildup or anything like that,” Zimmerman said.

Store manager Lazaro Perez was the one who caught the thief on camera.

He told 27 News over the phone that the man took six leather jackets and a dress shirt.

The high price tag made for an above-average theft.

“If you go to clothing stores or shoe stores or whatever, you can sometimes get to a couple hundred dollars depending on what it is,” Zimmerman said. “This being in the thousands at a clothing store is definitely unique and definitely on the upper-end of a shoplifting for sure.”

The Middleton Police Department is asking anyone with information to call or text them at (608) 824-7300.

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