Salt shortages cause headaches ahead of snow storm

MADISON (WKOW) – People across southern Wisconsin are struggling to find salt products to melt our ice and snow.

The reason for the shortage? There has simply been too much active weather. We’ve had multiple rounds of snow in the last month and two ice storms in just the last week! So people are flying through their supplies and need to re-stock.

However, stores in Madison, like Menards and Home Depot, have had to turn away customers because they’re sold out of all types of salt, including rock salt, which is typically used in water softeners.

Dorn Hardware employee, David Praedel, says they’ve struggled too, “We have been busy in other storms, when Menards or (Home) Depot or one of the big boxes runs out of product. But I’ve never seen so many stores be out of so much product as we have this time.”

Dorn Hardware ended up running out of ice-melt salt Monday morning and are awaiting a shipment to arrive by the evening.

Another reason for the shortage? Because we’re approaching the end of winter, stores typically buy less salt, so the product doesn’t stay on the shelves into the warmer months.

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