Group urges Wisconsin lawmakers to consider Red Flag Law

MADISON (WKOW) — A group of activists and volunteers are advocating for a law that temporarily prevents a person from having a gun if they’re considered a danger to themselves or others.

The Wisconsin chapter of Moms Demand Action gathered at the State Capitol Tuesday to call on legislators to support a Red Flag Law bill.

The measure would allow family members, school administrators, and law enforcement officials to confiscate guns from people deemed by courts to be an extreme risk.

The spokesperson for Moms Demand Action says the issue impacts everyone.

“It’s really something that’s not a partisan issue,” Jennifer Rosen Heinz said. “We’re Republicans, Democrats, gun owners, not gun owners, we respect the second amendment but we also think there are laws we can put in place that help keep us safe.”

There are currently fourteen states in the United States that have adopted the Red Flag Law.

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