Cat requires surgery after taking shelter near engine block

MIDDLETON (WKOW) — The Sauk County Humane Society is raising funds to save a cat after it crawled under the hood of a car to keep warm.

The kitty, named Henry, was nearly decapitated after he crawled under the hood of a car to keep warm, according to a pair of posts on the Sauk County Humane Society’s Facebook page.

“We took one look at this kitty and saw he needed immediate attention,” one post said.

The story comes as a cautionary tale for drivers during the winter months.

“Sadly, we get these calls way too often and the outcome can be brutal for these innocent beings just trying to escape the frigid weather,” the Humane Society said.

Henry is currently charming staff and receiving treatment from the Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center in Middleton

“But his care will be extremely expensive,” the Humane Society said. “Our funds are already stretched to the max and his surgery is beyond what we can afford.”

Sauk County Humane Society is asking for donations to help pay for Henry’s estimated $2,500 surgery. You can contribute by clicking the “Donate Now” button on their website: Write “Henry” in the “other” category to have your donation go specifically to Henry.

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