Police: Darlington flooding to be worst since 1993

DARLINGTON (WKOW) — In a Facebook post Thursday, Darlington police said they expect flood levels to exceed 16 feet and be the worst flood the community has seen since 1993.

“If the river keeps rising like it is, which it’s safe to say it will, this will end up being the worst flood we’ve had since 1993,” police said.

The major flood stage in Darlington is 16 feet, according to police. “We expect the river to rise above the 16′ mark later this morning.”

Yet the post remained optimistic that Thursday’s flooding would not break records. “To put things into perspective, though, the 1993 flood was 18.22 feet. We don’t think things will get that bad.”

“This is the third flood we’ve had in the last year,” the post concluded.

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